Vinyl Vs Laminate Flooring

Looking for laminate flooring or vinyl flooring? Many people who are interested in installing flooring in their house are often confused between vinyl and laminate flooring….so they say laminate when they actually mean vinyl, or vinyl when they mean laminate. So let's have a close look at both these flooring options so that you have a better idea which flooring makes more sense for you. Texture Vinyl and laminate flooring feel differently in terms of texture. Both Vinyl & Laminate Flooring are designed for different types of materials. Laminate-Flooring are made from several layers, mostly from fiberboard or HFD therefore feels like wood because it is basically designed for wood. Vinyl floors are made using synthetic material that looks exactly like hardwood or tile. Vinyl feels like plastic because it is designed from PVC vinyl layers. Warmness Laminate is thicker than vinyl and incorporates wood content, it is easier to walk on and warmer to the touch than vinyl. Toughness & Durability Laminates are by far a much more hard-wearing flooring surface than vinyl. While vinyl flooring is also an extremely durable product, they’re not as tough as a good quality, high-grade laminate floor. Due to its much thicker and harder composition, a laminate floor is more stable than a click vinyl tile floor. This does not necessarily mean that all vinyl floors are unstable. Heat Resistance Both Vinyl & Laminate Flooring materials handle fire flame and stains in a different manner. Laminate-Flooring are designed to be stain resistant and will never get damaged or destroyed by exposure to limited flame exposure. While vinyl flooring in general is a resilient form of flooring, it is slightly more vulnerable towards sunlight exposure therefore direct sunlight will fade the surface print over time. Laminates are much less susceptible to these conditions. Moisture Resistance Lminate floors are not as susceptible to water spills as most would believe. It is only when large amounts of water are involved, like a leaking roof or a bursting geyser that laminates will suffer damage. Small spills can be cleaned up without causing any harm. It goes without saying however that they’re not waterproof. Vinyl flooring is waterproof. They’re perfect for wet areas and will not be damaged by water. Resistant to fluid spillages and relatively easy to be wiped clean within seconds and without the worry of leaving water stained marks. Sound Absorption Laminates are in general more noisy to walk on than vinyl, but with a sound absorbing underlay, laminates aren’t necessarily more noisy than click variations of vinyl. Stick down vinyl however is still the least noisy form of wood alternative flooring. Greener Choice? Laminate flooring. Laminate is designed from wood and products, renewable natural resource. Vinyl is designed from chlorides and petrochemicals. These substances are very toxic, and not forgetting the adhesives.   Well, the choice relies on the buyer, homeowner and largely on personal preference. It depends on which design is affordable, most comfortable, and the room under design. Deciding on which product is best is determined by where you want to install it, what type of traffic the area receives, how much sun it receives, temperature variations and much more. Should you wish to install either, call us to book a visit and we’ll come to you and offer professional advice on the best product based on your requirement.

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